Many AVON representatives from all over the island have attended the educational and informational seminar which was organized with the slogan of ‘’Let’s feel the energy in us all together this fall’’.


Event has brought forward what is new for Autumn with AVON and explored more winning strategies with the slogan of ‘’Let’s feel the energy in us all together this fall’’. It was a day full of surprises which helped in crease the motivation and personal development of AVON representatives.

Informational & Educational Seminar took place on 29 September 2018 Saturday at Near East University Salon 4.

Başman Group Of Companies Executive Board member and director of AVON Kozmetik Pınar Başman Süren and Avon Kozmetik Assistant Marketing Director Serenay Yalçınkaya had presented on What’s new for Autumn and winning strategies which was followed by a speech of Pınar Başman Süren on ‘’Converting a crisis into an opportunity’’. Personal Development Expert Bülent Gardiyanoğlu impressed the participants with his speech on ‘’Make Your Dreams Come True’’ and breathing exercises at the end.

While all participants received a gift at the end of the seminar, Kangoo Jumps team led by Buse Demiralp performed a special choreography for the Life Colours Perfumes by Kenzo Takada.

AVON Kozmetik Director Pınar Başman Süren in her speech said ‘’Yes we are going through tough times because of the fluctuations in exchange rates but this does not mean we will give up. We will all work harder together to better both our own economies and the country’s economy’’. She explained alternative selling channels for the Avon representatives. She also said ‘’Avon as a global company that has been in business for 132 years, today with 6,5 million representatives forms an important economy. Here in North Cyprus under the brand of Başman Group of Companies and with the vision of ‘’Company for the Women’’ we have over 1500 representatives which continuously offers renewed products while at the same time we lead a fight against breast cancer and also inform the female population on the disease as well as working hard to provide for the treatment of people in need.’’ She also added that company’s doors are always open to individuals who wants to earn extra while adding color to their lives, increase their self confidence and be social.

This year Avon Kozmetik partnered with world renowned designer Kenzo Takada to work on designing for 2 years Life Colours Woman and Man Perfumes.

From September 10 Life Colours perfumes will be available with up to 50% discounts and also if you buy one you can get a second Life Colours Perfume with more than %65 discount at only 89,90 TL. You can call your AVON representative or 444AVON now for your purchase.