Başman Group Slogan Başman Group Slogan

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a sample and a leader company in Northern Cyprus with its enviromental, social and economical responsibilities towards our country.

Our Mission

As Başman family, with our employees and partners, our aim is to serve our customers in the best way by giving the best quality services in the market, with a sustainable growth target.

Basic Principles and Ethical Values

  • Honesty & Fair Treatment

Our companies name is very honorable and should give a trustable feeling to everyone who are in relationship with our company.

  • Customer Satisfaction

It is the main part of our goals and ethical values to understand our customers needs, analyse everything in detail and answer them accordingly and also be a very customer oriented company.

  • Innovation

Our main objective is to be an innovative company in the way of making our employees and our customers lives’ easy and more effective by providing innovative products and giving the best services.

  • Leadership

Providing leadership at any level is our main objective.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

We are always willing to contribute for more, for a better Society.

  • Transparency & Explainability

Transparent and explainable management style has been adopted.

  • Fair Trade

Marketing unrequired products, forcing our customers for unwanted negotiations and using non-econmic pricing policies is unacceptable.

  • Ethical Corporate Culture

Whereas Ethical behaviours are always supported, unethical behaviours are never accepted.